ADAC 2020 Special Awards

The pandemic has altered many aspects of our lives. At some point, it hampered our other agenda and endeavors. Notwithstanding the said challenges, our resolve to fight illegal drugs remained steadfast. Today, we celebrate that resolute desire by recognizing the EXEMPLARS in local governance, particularly in ensuring drug free communities.
Last year, the city and municipal ADACs and their CSO partners around the archipelago were assessed based on the sustainability of their drug-clearing efforts, including the establishment of a Balay Silangan and ensuring drug free workplaces. After a thorough national screening by the Inter-Agency Committee, 4 LGUs and 1 CSO in the province were adjudged to have met the aforesaid standards.
Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a virtual round of applause to the ANTI-ILLEGAL DRUGS ABUSE COUNCIL NATIONAL SPECIAL AWARD RECIPIENTS FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2020!
🏆 Allacapan
🏆 Calayan
🏆 Claveria
🏆 Sanchez Mira
🏆 Victorious Children of Mary Enthroned (Cagayan PADAC CSO member)

Municipality of Claveria, Cagayan

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