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Our History

The splendors of the beautiful and fast growing town of Claveria can be traced from its first settlers and some of their roots, who most of them were from the towns of Pasuquin and Vintar in the Province of Ilocos Norte.

They blazed their trail north-eastward and crossed the Caraballo Mountain Ranges (popularly known to travelers as Calvario because of the dangers posed by its winding, precipitous and muddy roads) in the quest for better life and greener pasture.

The first settlers settled in a vast area of the forest situated beside a river full of fishes and lilies which they called bakungs.

They first called the settlement as “Kabakungan” which means, where the bakungs are, until for obvious reasons, the place was renamed as Cabicungan.

Profile of Claveria

The original official seal of the Municipality of Claveria, Cagayan was modified/revised because of social, economic and political development of the municipality such as the shifting of major source of livelihood and income from logging/wood industry to farming and fishing, the increase in the number of barangays from 29 to 41, and other significant events and developments.


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